Touch Continue to start printing. Printing On Both Sides Of The Paper duplexing Printing on both sides of the paper duplexing automatically The automatic duplex unit, available only on select printer models, supports A4- and letter-size paper. Press to turn off the printer. Special Wireless Installation Instructions — The printer is turned off or is powering up. Use the Printing Preferences Note:

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How satisfied are you with this response? Make sure the printer is not offline before attempting to print the test page. Power supply with port Connect lexkark printer to a power source. If no size matches the envelope size, then set a custom size.

You have received a replacement or exchange printer, and you need to create a new port. Copying an ID card Load paper. Maintaining The Printer Maintaining ink cartridges In addition to the following tasks that you can perform, your printer performs an automatic maintenance cycle every s600 if it is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Page To assign a static IP address to the printer, do lexark following: If you do not see the application you want on the list, or if you install new applications on your computer, lesmark update the application list in the printer.

When setting up the printer on your wireless network, the printer will need to temporarily connect to a computer using the installation cable. If necessary, make sure the network is connected to the Internet for the printer to communicate with the SMTP server.

Click on Devices and Printers. When you set up the printer using the installation software CD, all the necessary software was installed. Enter text from picture: Your printer is compatible with IEEE The manufacturer of this product is: Scanner Unit Does Not Close If the “Before you prinyer checklist does not solve the problem, then try one or more of the following: Check the printer model in the Printer column to make sure you select the right printer port.

Make Your Selection

Table Of Contents Finding information about the printer Managing print jobs Setting your printer as the default printer Your printer should be selected automatically from the Print dialog when you send a print job. Consult your local authorities for disposal and recycling options.

Click on Properties from the drop-down menu. Your printer may not come with these Web Links, depending on the features of the printer that you purchased. To assure compliance with FCC regulations on electromagnetic interference for a Class B computing device, use a properly shielded and grounded cable such as Lexmark part number for USB attach.

If the printer responds, then you will see several lines that display the number of bytes received from the printer. Use of any other antenna is strictly prohibited per regulations of Industry Canada. You will printsr to repeat the setup if: The following paragraph does not apply to any country where such provisions are inconsistent with local law: Visit Lexmark SmartSolutions Note: License Prknter, any other written agreement signed by you and Lexmark relating to your Use of the Software Program.

If you have already specified the printer, paper size, and orientation in step 1, then you may have to choose your printer again from the Printer pop-up menu before going to step 3.

Make sure the printer is set up to receive Bluetooth connections. To set up a connection between the printer and a Bluetooth-enabled device: E-mailing E-mailing Your can use your printer to send e-mail to one or more recipients without using a computer.

Uso del prodotto in Svizzera Questo prodotto richiede un filtro toni Billing svizzero, codice Lexmark 14B o 80D da installare su tutte le linee che ricevono impulsi remoti in Svizzera.

What is most important is the port selection.